Blockchain Game Developer Ether Dale Announces Glitch Goons Pre-sale

Written by Coiniacs

Blockchain game developer and writer Ether Dale, (whose previous titles include the dream RPG Ether Quest), declared that an impending pre-sale to their newest PvP fighting game Glitch Goons. This cyberpunk design game is currently using blockchain technologies in innovative and fresh ways by being among the games that are mobile to encourage quite a few distinct cryptocurrencies.

Glitch Goons comes with a contemporary vaporwave saturated setting, cybernetic animal-humanoid fighters and innovative character direction battle system. All of Glitch Goons gamers will have a opportunity to compete in trophy tournaments. Ether Dale programmers worry that individuals who help by buying packages that are pre-sale support the game are going to have an edge when it comes to fighting higher gear.

The Glitch Goons pre-sale will begin on October 22nd and run for 3 months. Investors and players will have the chance to buy many different exclusive items bundles, each comprising rare to equipment. Also up for grabs are all bundles of GameCoin (GC) tokens issued by Ether Dale (an ERC-20 based token). The earnings obtained during the period is going to probably be used for its championships prize pool.

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